by Dennis Kelly, 2010

Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin, 2010

Directed by Peter Wolfe


Roald Dahl’s Matilda in the Broadway version, with lots of magical effects as 10-year-old Matilda and her schoolmates at Crunchem Hall sing and dance their way to freedom from the evil Trunchbull!  A large, colorful, warmhearted family holiday show.

Matilda ran at IT! from November 17th to December 23rd, 2023.  After a weekend of performances were cancelled due to cast illnesses, an additional 3 shows were added Dec. 28 and Dec. 30th for a total of 21 performances.


Matilda               Bella Milton and Eloise Pond (alternating)

Trunchbull          Erin Butler

Mr Wormwood    Paul Bott

Mrs Wormwood  Alison Loeprich

Michael Wormwood  Giuseppe Sticca

Rudolpho            Jeremy Olson

Miss Honey         Lorin Torbitt

Mrs Phelps          Karen Wolfe

Lavender             Zoie LaFromboise

Tommy                Lilia Olson

Nigel                    Trinity Work

Bruce Bogtrotter  Elizabeth Frank-Bourdett

Amanda Thripp    Sierra McCraner

Eric                       Elena Orlosky

Acrobat                 Rachael Green

Escapologist         Levi Pond

Doctor/Cook          Kim Yeager

Nurse                    Emmy McCartney

Dads                     Jeremy Olson, Levi Pond

Mums                    Rachel Frank-Bourdett, Rachael Green

Sergei                    Scott Howard

Russian Henchmen    Charton Graham, Rachel Frank-Bourdett, Rachael Green

Students                 Haylie Allen, Evie Bennett, Sophia Frank-Bourdett, Amelia Green, Brianna Haagenson, 

                              Allie Meier, Emmy McCartney, Anna Milton, Mya Rhodewalt, Bryer Wood

Haylie Allen
A birthday party for the little Miracles
All the little Miracles

The Doctor (Kim Yeager) hands Mr Wormwood (Paul Bott) his new baby girl
At home with the Wormwoods
Sierra McCraner as Amanda Thripp
Sophia Frank-Bourdett
Trinity Work as Nigel
Lilia Olson as Tommy
Briana Haagenson poses at her desk
Mya Rhodewalt – the perfect student
Trunchbull explains that you have to Stay inside the Circle all the time
Miss Honey in Trunchbull’s Office

Bruce finishes the cake
Emmy McCartney learns to swing

Matilda and Miss Honey
Matilda’s first day in Miss Honey’s classroom
Matilda figures a way to “put things Right”
The set with playground swings
Lavender explains the Newt
Mrs Wormwood and Rudolpho practice dancing
Mr Wormwood cheats his Russian customers on their cars
Students at the gates of Crunchem Hall
Matilda tells the story of the Acrobat and Escapologist to Mrs Phelps at the Library
Mr Wormwood shows Michael his secret hair tonic
Lavender with Newt


Director Peter Wolfe

Assistant Director Kimberly Allen

Music Director   Rebecca Monroe

Choreography    Paula Feil, Dian Hoel, Taryn Radtke

Stage Manager   Maureen Dodson

Props and Costumes  Karen Wolfe

Set Design  Peter Wolfe

Scenic Painting  Brian Wolfe, Sarah Sherrod, Karen Wolfe

Sound Design  Marc Bonham

Lighting Design Scott Bertram, Sarah Sherrod

Stage Crew  Chris Clark, Jeremy Olson, Levi Pond, Kim Yeager

Tech Operators   Sophie McKnight, Sophia Rael, Sarah Sherrod

Box Office  Stephanie Allen