“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

– Anne Frank

Imagination Theater accomplishes our work with the support of the community. Much like other non-profit arts organizations we do not survive on ticket revenue alone.

We produce up to five full-length productions a year, offer workshops for youth and adults, and cooperate with other non-profits in order to serve our community.

For 20 years, IT! maintained an Intern program in which local youth learn all aspects of theater production.

We invite volunteers from all walks of life and levels of experience to work on shows from on-stage to backstage to administrative and carpentry tasks. We provide training for all volunteers.  New comers are welcome and auditions and rehearsals are open.

The support of generous patrons like yourself enables us to continue this work, serving our mission and serving the community.

Expenses have recently increased, as in all areas of the economy, and although we have slightly raised ticket prices, we rely more than ever on donations and sponsors.   All donations matter.