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Title: Rocket Girl

Author: George D Morgan

Director: Lisa Bertram

Run: Performances on April 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, May 4,5,6,7(closing show)

*This is a community theater production.  There is no pay.

Auditions: Open Call

Date: Monday, February 6 — Time: 7 PM – 10 pm

Callbacks/Second Audition Date  (If you are unable to attend the open call.)

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 — Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Location: Imagination Theater, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville CA

Rehearsal Times

Expected Days and Times: February – May, 7 pm – 9 pm weekday evenings (TBD) with some Saturday mornings 9 am-noon and Sunday evenings 7 pm (as needed) *First cast meeting/read through Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 7 pm

Location: Imagination Theater

Audition Requirements

Bring a headshot and resume if available. Be ready to read from provided sides. Scripts will be available at the Box Office soon.


Brief Synopsis:

In 1957, the United States and the Soviet Union are locked in an undeclared Space Race to put a satellite in orbit. America’s space program sought out the most brilliant science and engineering men of the time.  Yet they ultimately prevailed by the creativity and genius of one woman: Mary Morgan.  Mary had limited college experience and no degree; she lived in a time when women were not expected to be scientists.  Mary became America’s first female rocket scientist, yet her contributions were unknown. Only a few of her colleagues even acknowledged her accomplishments. History almost forgot her.


Casting the following roles:


Mary Sherman  (F to play 20-30) engineering analyst, bright, witty, Rocket Girl

Bill Weber (M to play 20-35) aerospace engineer, Mary’s colleague, very supportive of Mary’s work

Joe Friedman (M to play 25-35)   aerospace engineer, colleague/friend/co-worker of Mary

Irving Kanarek (M to play 30-45) aerospace engineer, colleague/friend/co-worker of Mary, can be forgetful and brusque

Don Jenkins (M to play 20-35) aerospace engineer, colleague/friend/co-worker, congenial, smitten with Mary

Tom Meyers (M to play 40-55) aerospace department manager, Mary’s boss, supportive of Mary’s work, but must follow directions from his military bosses

Richard Morgan (M to play 20-35) aerospace engineer, Mary’s colleague and love interest, and ultimately her husband, kind but sarcastic

Carly Morgan* (M/F to play 20-25) Mary’s granddaughter, college student, feisty 

Miss Biddle* (F to play 25-55) General’s secretary, snarky

Barbara* (M/F to play 30-60) newspaper obituary department secretary, rule-follower 

David Shelby* (M/F to play 20-60) magazine reporter

General Medaris* (M to play 45-60) 3-Star Army General, old-fashioned and stodgy 

Michael Sherman* (M to play 45-55) Mary’s father played in flashbacks, drunk, emotionally absent

Dutch Kindelberger* (M to play 40-60) Owner of North American Aviation

Father Mackey* (M to play 40-60) Catholic priest, acts as Mary’s conscience and confessor in flashbacks

Colonel Wilkins* (M to play 35-50) Army Colonel, skeptical but does as he’s told

Park Ranger* (M/F to play 20-60) Yellowstone, informative

Paul Morkay* (M/F to play 25-45) aerospace company recruiter, sees the merit in Mary’s work in flashbacks

Betty Manning* (M/F to play 25-60) social worker, tries to help young Mary get an education despite her father in flashbacks 

Mrs. Walker* (F to play 50-60) Mary’s mentoring high school teacher, flashbacks

Doctor* (M/F to play 30-60) Mary’s doctor, kind but speaks the truth

*These roles may be combined as needed for casting.

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